Perfect timing

Such majestic creatures.



Perfect timing

Such majestic creatures.

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It’s really frustrating when people who do not have a social work background but still managed to get employment in the field say that you don’t have enough experience for a job… someone gave u a chance

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"We’d watch a movie, probably 27 Dresses, then we’d walk along the beach at low tide and find a cozy place to sit in the kelp and kiss.

I heard every word, Tina. That’s the same date I wanted, too. Except that movie — I’ve seen it three times. So, that’s 81 dresses total.

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A Halloween PSA


Halloween store are popping up, which means that no matter how offensive you find the costumes, DO NOT harass the employees or make their lives miserable by defacing merchandise. They are seasonal, minimum wage workers and attacking them gets you nowhere.

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"dear white people, i don’t give a fuck about what you think, about your privileges, your whatever —- your confessionals and telling me how white supremacy manifests in your life or your attraction and appreciation of me as a queer person of color so smart so loving and willing to process shit with you. what i care about is what you do long after i’m gone from the room, i care about what you do from here on out, long after people give you ally cookies for being good and doing good. will you still be trying to dismantle shit inside yourself and in your everyday, long after no one’s watching you anymore? that’s what i care about. but you know, that’s a tall fucking order and i try not to keep my hopes up with people who walk around with knives that they don’t know how to use."

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Can everyone please start proactively telling their white girl friends not to do dia de los muertos facepaint for halloween, especially white folks telling other white folks. I know it’s early september but you can never start to early on curtailing this bullshit. 

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