we all have that one band that when you listen to it it’s like talking to an old friend that has never let you down and somehow it makes everything better

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ahh just got my first year msw placement and it’s in east los!!! Should be interesting, coming from south la. I just hope they don’t try to dump purely clerical work on me like my past supervisor did -_-


Trainspotting (1996)


Trainspotting (1996)

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Community - Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

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Shakira-Pies Descalzos Sueños Blancos

"I don’t like the gringos at all. They’re very boring, and they’ve all got faces like unbaked rolls."

Frida Kahlo

Something to consider while appropriating her art, adapting her beauty to fit eurocentric standards, dressing up as her for Halloween, misrepresenting her political affiliations, painting her as Diego Rivera’s tragic crippled wife, etc.

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